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Our name has changed. Our dedication to growing the Finest Quality Fresh Fruit in the Northeast remains the same!

The 2023 upick cherry season is CLOSED.
See you soon for the 2024 season!

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Bittner-Singer Orchards, formerly Singer Farms, supplies fruit and fruit products to farm markets, food processors and wineries.  Our unique climate and soils here in Niagara County, NY allow us to consistently grow a wide range of high quality fruits.

mapOur Location Is The Key

Our orchards are located near Niagara Falls and have a moderate climate due to two natural boundaries - Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. The lake moderates the air temperature and the escarpment keeps the air moderate in the fruit growing season.

These moderate temperatures hold back development of the fruit buds in spring, reducing the chance of damage caused by spring frost. They also allow for a longer growing season by delaying the first fall frost. Our rich-sandy loam soils also help our fruit crops to thrive.


Bittner-Singer Orchards would like to be your reliable, season long supplier of in-season fresh fruit and processed fruit products. Please see our Wholesale page for more information.


In addition to our U-Pick Cherries in July, you can Find Us Locally at Farm Markets and other outlets in Western New York.

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